Manasquan, NJ


From editor on Monday, April 7, 2008 at 06:08:41

I do not believe that it's possible for you to anchor safely in Manasquan Inlet, nor do I believe that it's possible for you to find suitable dockage below the railroad bridge.

In 2006 we received word that the Shrimp Box, which used to be owned and operated by the Barmore family next to the Coast Guard station in Point Pleasant (Manasquan Inlet), was no longer allowing overnight docking. This was a real loss to cruising sailors because Manasquan Inlet didn't offer any good anchorage and docking options were extremely limited for deeper draft boats and were of questionable safety because of strong currents at and above the railroad bridge.

The new owners of the Shrimp Box were restaurant people rather than sailors and were repeatedly offended by boaters who responded rudely to employees when asked to pay a $20 fee for docking.


From Ted and Jody Vaughn on Sunday, April 6, 2008 at 21:05:24

Just purchased a 1984 Hunter 31. Plan to sail it down to Atlantic City NJ from it's current location on Cheesequake Creek at the Raritan Bay in NJ. I want to sail in daylight only, so it will take 2 days. First stop will be Manasquan Inlet. The boat draws 5'5" so I plan to take a transient slip at a marina by the Coast Guard station just inside the inlet where the chart shows deep water. My questions are:
Is there anything I should know about this that the chart does not show, and is there a possible safe place to stay overnight on the hook to save a buck without going too far in and opening bridges or runnung aground? I want this to be an easy in-easy out overnight stop. Any help from someone with local knowledge would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Ted Vaughn, Atlantic City, NJ


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