Edgartown Harbor


From Chris Trautz on Thursday, February 18, 1999 at 22:42:39

Cape Pogue Bay, Chappaquidic Island

Most folks who have cruised Martha' Vineyard know of the fine anchorage of Edgartown's outer harbor. It's well protected, as all of MV's north shore is, from the prevailing southwesterlies of the summer. In the evening when the wind dies, however, the breeze that often comes out of the east can make for a bumpy sleep. Just a stone's throw away one can nip inside the hook of Cape Pogue Bay and enjoy perfect protection in a beautiful setting. The morning will find you with a head start position for a sail to Nantucket.
Deep keelers watch the mouth at low tide, and tend towards the sand-spit side to avoid rocks in the entrance. Good sailing!


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