Favorite Roadsteads...

      Coastal cruising is one of my great joys. There's enough variety and challenge to the navigation to keep me awake and there are enough places to anchor to provide me with a good night's sleep instead of a late-night watch. If pushed I'd admit that I prefer coastal cruising to passage making.

      I prefer to anchor out in roadsteads along the way instead of putting into marinas or taking moorings because anchoring provides more privacy, saves money and shortens the trip.

      Here are a few of my favorite roadsteads, south to north.

Cape Henlopen Harbor of Refuge
Off Lewes, DE, on the southern side of the entrance to Delaware Bay.
Cape May Harbor
On the northern side of the entrance to Delaware Bay.
Sandy Hook Bay
On the southern side of New York's Lower Bay.
Little Neck Bay
Immediately above the East River in Long Island Sound.
Hempstead Harbor
East of Little Neck Bay on the Long Island side of the Sound.
Port Jefferson Harbor
East of Hempstead Harbor on the Long Island side of the Sound.
Duck Island Roads
Continuing east, on the north side of the Sound.
Point Judith Harbor of Refuge
After The Race, at the entrance to Buzzard's Bay.
Edgartown Harbor
On Martha's Vinyard.
Onset Harbor
At the Buzzard's Bay end of the Cape Cod Canal.
Provincetown Harbor
At the tip of Cape Cod.

      These are some of my favorites. Please add a few of your own and let me know if I've left any out or if conditions have changed in any of these places since my last visit.


From Bob Batson on Thursday, April 20, 2000 at 21:56:27

Bless you my friend for your information! Been looking for days for anchorage sites. Otherwide I could not afford to cruise at all. Similar sites and more places to drop anchor greatly appreciated. I will put you on list for sites I use, and mention you in my prayers and my will. Again. Thank you much.


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