New High Speed Ferry Service serving Boston - Provincetown Passengers

Bay State Cruise Company has introduced high-speed ferry service between Boston and Provincetown across Massachusetts Bay. The new service is provided aboard the Provincetown Express (aka Friendship IV) a fast catamaran boat. The trip takes an hour and fifty minutes, an hour faster than previous service aboard the older Provincetown II. More importantly the Provinctown Express makes two trips per day in both directions so it's now possible to make a day-trip from the tip of Cape Cod to Boston.

Schedules for the new high-speed service are convenient for meeting trains at Boston's South Station and a free shuttle bus exists to transport passengers from Boston's Commonwealth Pier to and from the train.

The new service is especially welcome in Provincetown because it was previously impossible for residents and visitors to make a day trip to Boston without either flying or subjecting themselves to the indignities and difficulties of road travel along the slow and congested Route 6 corridor for the entire length of Cape Cod. The previous excursion service aboard the Provincetown II only provided day-trip service for visitors from Boston to Provincetown and only provided visitors with approximately three hours ashore before departing for the return trip to Boston. Boston visitors to Provincetown aboard the new high-speed service now enjoy over 8 hours on Cape Cod before departure for the return trip to Boston.

Meanwhile Bay State continues to offer crossings on the Provincetown II as an excursion service at a lower fare. The venerable old Provincetown II is also available for private charter and hosts a series of evening cruises out of her berth on Boston's Commonwealth Pier which include concerts and dancing. She is capable of carrying over 1,000 passengers and providing them with food, drink and entertainment. On a recent early season fund-raiser for Provincetown's Knights of Columbus which was billed as a "Cruise to Nowhere" a crowd of five hundred or so of Provincetown's residents and friends partied through the evening and into the night as we crossed Cape Cod Bay and motored through the Cape Cod Canal, secure in the knowledge that, in spite of having a good time, we were benefiting several important local charities. The design of this excursion boat is particularly well suited to partying on the water because, unlike modern cruise ships, it has lots of open deck space combined with a superstructure that provides plenty of protection from the elements. Only the lowest of its three public decks is completely enclosed and even that deck provides an open fantail which is perfect for those of us who still indulge in the vice of tobacco smoking.

Additional information is available from Bay State's web site at or may be obtained by calling (617) 748-1428.

the editor