New York Yacht Club visits Provincetown

Harbor Crowd

      The New York Yacht Club sailed into Provincetown Harbor yesterday, spent the night and then sailed on... The Provincetown Harbormaster reported that 164 boats were in the flotilla. It was not unusual during the 19th Century for the New York Yacht Club to arrive and fill Provincetown Harbor but there have been relatively few visits in recent years. The Club's didn't really fill the Harbor but the scene was reminiscent of photos I've seen and some of the sailboats were vintage wooden craft.

      We've uploaded a number of photos of this morning's leave taking for anyone who has a friend in the group or wants to look for a specific boat. Just click on the thumbnail image below to see them. By the way, I included some photos of the Ring Anderson out of Newport. As far as I know she hasn't anything to do with the New York Yacht Club but she was anchored in the harbor at the same time and caught my eye.

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      Additional information on the New York Yacht Club may be found at


David George


From bull durham on Tuesday, August 29, 2000 at 17:55:19

Do you know where I can get additional information on the ship "ring-anderson". I saw her in Portland, Maine, and was impressed by her. I would like to see the schematics of her layout and design. Do you know who owns her, etc. etc. I know she is in New Port, RI. Thanks bull durham


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