Beaufort in the Fog

Beaufort, NC, is a favorite stopover for mariners cruising the southern coast because of the protected anchorages in Taylor's Creek and Town Creek and because of the reasonably priced and hospitable marinas.

Winters are mild in Beaufort so, although it may be warm enough to go to the beach mid-day, morning fog is frequent and sometimes thick. The waterfront takes on a beautiful soft quality with early risers passing like ghosts along the boardwalk.

As the downtown shops begin to open you hear muffled greetings passed between people carrying steaming cups of coffee. The merchants treasure their waterfront and spend a few minutes each morning on the boardwalk before unlocking their shops and beginning the day.



Later the fog will lift and you will probably find yourself in shorts and tee shirt, but for a short time in the morning the town is wreathed in magic.





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